Jan 21

Organicman – Speechless -(Instrumental music for mental minds!)

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Intro – Eerie Echo.
The Bog Tredder
Woodland March

Short but raw!!!!!

stay tuned for more gore, and whores wearing shores, disguising the raw enduring session myself the
foreman of this sick profession gave them, as they deserve to be subjected to a gruelling and fucked obession
of which I am in control of, every advance and depraved detail I lanced in their many cavities dominated and prevailed
organicman makes slaves out of sick bitches and if they try to escape I’m coming for their snitches and snatches
with a detection sensor more powerful than my mind compass which was embedded in my placenta from birth,
this came from an ancient curse, to prepare the world for the all natural one  – organicman will rise new to this earth and replace the sun!

Outee for now!


Jul 3

Lunarsea – The Woodhouse-‘tales of past moons’

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Link to next single release on amazon, which is the pretty competitive on price compared to other download sites.

Juno Download is better for hearing most of the tracks, rather than a 30 sec clip of each.
They’re also avaiable for download on on Beatport, ITunes, DJ download, and most other reputable download sites.

Next single after this will be ‘WAS’. Then the second album by Nov time.


Oct 25

Shadows of thought

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Howdy all!
The next Lunarsea release is out soon.  For those of you who would like to hear the full tracks, please follow this link which will take you directly to the ‘Juno Music’ download site.

Follow this link for Amazon.co.uk, where the tracks will be available to purchase via mp3 download at 69p each.

Our Debut album ‘Shadows of thought’ will follow one week after this release on Monday 9th November, available at both sites.

Thanks for all your support!



May 18

Dark Moon and Perfect Place

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Aright peeps!

The time has come for the first official release of the ‘Lunarsea’ project. This debut single which features the two tracks ‘Dark Moon’, and ‘Perfect Place’ is the first of a string of releases to hit the online stores (such as amazon, beatport.com, Bleep.com etc) this year. You can find them under the mp3 download section of amazon. The artwork for the first two singles both have a photo of Fiona the main vocalist for Lunarsea, as suprisingly she is more photogenic and appealing on artwork than my ugly mug could copmete with!!

The style is a downtempo, moody and slightly electronic sound, easy to chill out to, and has been described as similar to some of the ‘Portishead’ earlier tracks and ‘Massive attack’ on certain parts of the production, courtesy of Drew Acomb.

I will keep you all posted on the dates for the two further singles/ep’s due for release soon, the second being late August and of course the album ‘Shadows of thought’ which will be released on the 9th of November, or there abouts I believe. Hopefully it will go out with a bang around ‘bonfire night’.

All your support with this will be much appreciated!

Look forward to any feedback and comments if you decide to purchase these, as that’s what its all about!!

Cheers for reading!



Mar 25

Lunarsea – Make Beleive

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This track will be featured on the debut album – ‘Shadows of thought’ on ‘Red Robot Records’ by the end of the year.

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Mar 25

I can see you demo fade

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Mar 10

Lunarsea are now ‘signed’ to Red Robot Records

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Alright geezers!!

Just to let you kow that the ‘Lunarsea’ music project (which is the lighter more widely appealing to the masses) which myself , drew and fiona worked on over two years ago, has been signed to the above record label. the owner of the label is ‘Lex Loofah’ who is signed to warp records. We have an album deal, which we are submitting tracks to at the moment. Two singles are due out first.
will keep you’ll posted with dates.

Warped one.

p.s the album will be entitled ‘shadows of thought’, and i have designed the cover. It’s dakr!!


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