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Organicman – Speechless -(Instrumental music for mental minds!)

January 21st, 2011 | Category: Dark news,Music

Intro – Eerie Echo.
The Bog Tredder
Woodland March

Short but raw!!!!!

stay tuned for more gore, and whores wearing shores, disguising the raw enduring session myself the
foreman of this sick profession gave them, as they deserve to be subjected to a gruelling and fucked obession
of which I am in control of, every advance and depraved detail I lanced in their many cavities dominated and prevailed
organicman makes slaves out of sick bitches and if they try to escape I’m coming for their snitches and snatches
with a detection sensor more powerful than my mind compass which was embedded in my placenta from birth,
this came from an ancient curse, to prepare the world for the all natural one┬á – organicman will rise new to this earth and replace the sun!

Outee for now!